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    Apple, ahead of their upcoming special event Tuesday, is in the middle of updating their free cloud-based iWork for iCloud service. Users logging into iCloud.com and attempting to open any of the three iWork applications from the Web site will get a prompt like the one above, noting that the software is being updated and that in a few short hours, users will be able to use the applications' features.

    While it’s not known yet exactly what Apple is doing behind the scenes, it’s notable that the software is still in beta. Apple may be planning to take the software out of beta as a part of today’s special event, but it may also see a re-design to fit the interface of the rest of iCloud.com – almost iOS 7-like.

    iWork and iLife are expected to be getting updated with new interfaces and application icons for iOS 7, so it's possible that iWork for iCloud may follow the same design scheme.

    Whatever the changes may be, we can expect to be able to start using them within the next few hours. We’ll keep you posted on any changes that are revealed at today's media event.

    Sources: iCloud via MacRumors
    2013-10-22 05:22 PM