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    Although OS X Mavericks is free, the Mavericks Server still costs some money, $19.99 to be exact. The Cupertino California company released OS X Server shortly after posting Mavericks to the Mac App Store. The OS X Server works like an application, running on top of the core Mavericks operating system. All the hallmarks of OS X Server are still apparent in the new Mavericks release including: server-strength file sharing, email service, contact, calendar and database publishing, support for PostgreSQL for SQL databases, Apache web server and much more.

    New to Mavericks Server includes Xcode Server, making it easier to use OS X Server in developer workgroup settings (for both iOS and OS X developers), a new Caching Server 2 that speeds up the delivery of software distributed over Mavericks Server from the App Store, Mac App Store and iTunes. Profile Manager also received some enhancements, simplifying the delivery of apps and books.

    Are any of you planning on getting Mavericks Server?

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    2013-10-23 10:22 AM
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    Sounds awesome! Im going to grab it tonight!
    2013-10-23 02:59 PM
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    2013-10-23 11:43 PM