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    Apple’s new Haswell-powered Retina MacBook Pros have started finding their way into the online score aggregator for popular benchmark suite Geekbench shortly after their unveiling. Backed by Intel’s latest silicon, the new MacBook Pros, which first began showing up in late June, achieve similar gains to those notched by the MacBook Air after its Haswell refresh. The laptop’s appearance on the site was originally noted by the folks over at MacRumors.

    The scores can be found below:

    15-inch with quad-core CPU:
    - i7-4750HQ @ 2.0 GHz: Single-Core 2844, Multi-Core 10887
    - i7-4850HQ @ 2.3 GHz: Single-Core 3100, Multi-Core 11771
    - i7-4960HQ @ 2.6 GHz: Single-Core 3379, Multi-Core 12813

    13-inch with dual-core CPU:
    - i5-4258U @ 2.4 GHz: Single-Core 2613, Multi-Core 5248
    - i5-4288U @ 2.6 GHz: Single-Core 2856, Multi-Core 5954
    - i7-4558U @ 2.8 GHz: Single-Core 3000, Multi-Core 6189
    Single-core scores, which measure performance using only a single CPU core, average 3108 for the 15-inch model and 2823 for the 13-inch variant. These scores represent modest increases of four and two percent, respectively, over the previous generation. Despite the moderate upgrade in performance, the recent hardware refresh was still rather significant. Moving to the new Haswell architecture, alongside efficiency improvements courtesy of OS X Mavericks’ new power management features, allowed both models (the 13- and 15-inch) to make battery life gains, increasing to nine and eight hours respectively on a single charge.

    Furthermore, the 13-inch model also slimmed down to the same 0.71-inch thickness as its larger-screened sibling, while both variants ended up dropping $200 off of their base configuration price tag. Additionally, Apple introduced faster 802.11ac wireless networking and PCIe-based storage, and provided for expansion by equipping the laptops with twin Thunderbolt 2 ports.

    Source: Primelabs via MacRumors

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    I prefer my own build though lots of pain in the initial setup stage.
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