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    According to a new study, just shortly after its launch, the newest revision of Apple’s desktop operating system is responsible for 5.5% of all North American web traffic originating from Macs. Online advertising network Chitika who also tracked adoption of OS X Mountain Lion after its release last year, said that Mavericks adoption “significantly outpaces” that of its predecessor at the same point. Mountain Lion, released last summer, took four days to reach the 5.5% threshold according to the company’s measurements.

    Chitika continued to speculate that Apple’s decision to make Mavericks a free upgrade for Mac owners, as opposed to Mountain Lion’s $19.99 price tag, is the primary driver behind its quick uptake. The company wrote the following regarding he matter in a recent blog post:

    With these results in mind, it's evident that at least on the OS front, Apple's free desktop software strategy is paying dividends from an adoption standpoint.
    Another factor working in Mavericks’ favor is its prominent placement as an available update in the Mac App Store, complete with a badge on the store’s dock icon and a notification in the Notification Center. Previous versions of OS X delivered through the store were not shown as updates, instead users were required to specifically navigate to and purchase the upgrades.

    For those of you who didn’t already know, Mavericks is available to Macs as old as the models made in the year 2007 as long as they are running Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion, is a significant upgrade to Apple’s desktop operating system. The update brings several deep architectural enhancements that provide even better battery life for Apple’s laptops, enhanced support for multiple displays, an update to the Safari web browser, new iCloud Keychain functionality, a new tabbed mode for Finder, and desktop versions of iOS’ Maps and iBooks.

    It should be noted that the adoption numbers provided by Chitika are generated by sampling “millions” of advertising impressions from the US and Canada through Chitika’s advertising network.

    Source: Chitika

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    2013-10-25 01:36 PM
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    Two words: it's free
    2013-10-25 03:57 PM
  3. usernamesarehard7's Avatar
    2013-10-25 06:47 PM
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    Two words: it's free
    Exactly! Why is this news? Jeez!
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    2013-10-25 07:39 PM
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    It personally drives me crazy when I see someone using a version from a few years back. Hopefully the fact that it is now free is reason enough for them to update!
    2013-10-25 10:43 PM
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    I wonder how this fairs against windows 8.1?
    2013-10-25 10:50 PM
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    Soon as the business world start adopting Macs, free Mavericks and free iWork will really choke MS's revenue streams. MS has been playing defense far too long, from Windows to IE to smartphones and to the tablet market.
    2013-10-28 11:57 AM