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    New benchmark tests reveal that Intelís new Iris integrated graphics chip can push pixels for Appleís latest laptops between 40% and 60% faster than its predecessor. Cinebench r15ís OpenGL benchmark clocked frame rates to 45% to 50% higher than the previous MacBook Pro generation, while Unigenís Heaven benchmark notched a 65% improvement on Appleís latest hardware according to Macworld. The publication compared results from a 13-inch 2.6 GHz Haswell-equipped Retina MacBook Pro against those from an early 2013 vintage 2.6 GHz Ivy Bridge edition.

    Also to note is that CPU performance also increased, gaining 8% in Wolfram Researchís MathematicaMark 9 test, while Cinebenchís CPU exam edged up by 5%. Surprisingly, the Haswell-based notebooks didnít exclusively show what were expected to be significant gains from their new PCIe-based flash storage. Though intra-disk file copy operations were 33% faster on the newest high-end modelís 256 GB drive, the 128 GB version came in level with its Ivy Bridge sibling. Additional storage tests using a disk benchmarking tool from Blackmagic returned mixed results as well.

    Early benchmark results from popular test suite Geekbench, which donít include GPU performance in its scoring system seemed to match the results found in the current testing. Most models showed modest 2% to 4% gains on CPU and memory tests with high end models notching up to 8% improvements. The new Haswell-based Retina MacBook Pros bring more than just performance increases to the market though. Combined with the latest rendition of Appleís desktop operating system, OS X Mavericks, the updated models boast battery life of up to nine hours, an improvement of two hours over the previous maximum.

    Were the GPU improvements as significant as you thought they would be?

    Source: Macworld

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    2013-10-26 01:08 PM
  2. Scotty Manley Silberhorn's Avatar
    I hope we get 10.9.1 soon just to fix some minor bugs and minor performance improvements. I've noticed that apps take a long time to open some times.
    2013-10-26 08:10 PM
  3. Just Dummy's Avatar
    The 15" MBP is another story. While the graphics are decent on the late model they are not as fast as the earlier models with discrete video.
    2013-10-26 08:29 PM
  4. ThuD Muffin's Avatar
    IMO if it's about money they should at least include 1GB discreet. After all, it's supposed to be a pro notebook
    2013-10-28 03:33 AM