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    Earlier today, Apple released an EFI update for some late 2013 MacBook Pro with retina displays that fixed an issue that could cause the keyboard and multi-touch track pad on the device to randomly become unresponsive and prevent the user from being able to put input into their machine.

    But that wasnít the only update Apple put out on Thursday. Apple has also released updated versions of iBooks and Mail for OS X Mavericks. Both of the updates are minor, but are recommended for all users.

    The latest version of Mail for OS X Mavericks is now version 1.0, and it improves compatibility with Gmail so that the user experience is more stable and so that users' Gmail settings will work better with the application.

    In the latest version of iBooks, which is now version 1.0.1, Apple has added a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements to the application to make it so the application feels more responsive and stable to its users. iBooks launched for the first time with OS X Mavericks, which was released just last month.

    Both software updates are available from the Mac App Store's Updates tab, but users also have the option to go to the  Menu in the Menu Bar and select "Software Update" from the menu to find the updates.
    2013-11-08 05:02 AM