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    It's yet another compelling argument for why Apple needs to bring its iPhone to China Mobile.

    Derived from 2Q 2013 financial results, China Mobile is the world’s most profitable mobile carrier. This news comes from ABI Research, which tracks the 50 largest mobile carriers.

    On a global scale, Verizon Wireless and AT&T came in second and third, respectively. The fourth and fifth positions were claimed by European carriers with global operations, Telefnica and Vodafone.

    Remarkably the top 5 mobile carriers represent 49% of total gross profit generated by the 50 largest mobile carriers tracked by ABI Research.
    Although China Mobile is the most profitable mobile carrier in aggregate, quarterly gross profit per subscriber is only US$ 16.40, placing the carrier in 48th place, today’s report reads. Verizon Wireless is 4th with $71.80 and AT&T 5th with $60.40.

    “While China Mobile’s profit per subscriber is substantially lower than Verizon Wireless’ and AT&T’s, there are signs that China Mobile will continue to extend its lead over the other carriers,” estimates Marina Lu, research associate at ABI Research.

    Source: ABI
    2013-11-11 06:21 PM