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    Apple is said to be adding a second US chip fabrication plant to its supply chain, this time partnering with California-based GlobalFoundries to produce A-series processors at a new $6 billion facility in upstate New York. Current Apple fabrication partner, Samsung, will help to ramp up production at the new facility according to a recent report from the Albany Times Union.

    The site, in Malta, New York, was rumored to be in the running for a slot in Apple’s supply chain late last year. Logistical details of the arrangement between Apple, Samsung and GlobalFoundries haven’t been revealed and a spokesman declined to comment when asked by the Times Union. As of right now, Samsung remains the sole supplier of A-series processors for Apple, fabricating the chips at a plant in Austin, Texas. Many of the earlier rumors swirling around the Malta deal pegged Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), rather than GlobalFoundries, as Apple’s partner. At the time, the venture was said to be using the codename “Project Azalea.”

    As of last month, whispers that Samsung has lost as much as half of their contract for Apple’s purported next-gen “A8” processor to TSMC were circulating from sources in South Korea. It is possible, though unlikely, that both Samsung and GlobalFoundries could be involved in the New York deal. We’ll have to wait and see what the outcome is.

    Source: Albany Times Union

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    2013-11-12 09:26 AM
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    its great that apple is bring work to america a lot of people (americans) will like it a lot and use it to justify apples prices
    i see what you're doing Apple

    Random rant i hate how new york has so many names copied theres Malta Poland Rome (where i live) Amsterdam and more all in upstate ny
    2013-11-13 09:31 PM