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    In a three-way showdown among Apple, Google, and Amazon, Apple is still the boss. That's according to Pfeiffer Report's "2013 App Store Maturity Shootout."

    The report in question is based on an effort to answer the following two questions: (1) How mature are the three major app stores, and (2) how good could they be?

    In terms of maturity, the victor is Apple. "The combined results of the four different benchmarks and evaluations," the report reads, show that Apple is clearly far ahead of the competition "in terms of overall app store maturity."

    From search proficiency and content curation, to the presentation of individual apps and overall app ecosystem quality, Apple is also at the top of the list, earning 53.1 out of 100. Google Play scored 40.9 and Amazon's Appstore finished a distant third with 34.1.

    It should be noted, however, that the report concludes "none of the app stores come even close to the ideal score at this time."

    To download the full report along with detailed charts, click here.

    Source: Pfeiffer Report
    2013-11-18 07:30 PM
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    Analytics..sometimes I wonder. They have a STAT for everything.
    2013-11-18 08:44 PM