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    Just because Apple Stores are closed for business on Thanksgiving doesn't mean that the company's retail machine won't be operating at full capacity on Black Friday.

    According to published reports today, Apple will participate in the annual retail tradition by temporarily lowering prices. And when it comes to Apple, it's no secret that discounts are far from a regular occurrence. So Apple may see accelerated foot traffic at its stores this week, assuming the "deals" are actually worth it.

    "The one-day Apple shopping event is Friday, 29 November," an online teaser ad from Apple (in Australia) reads. "Shop online and get free shipping, or visit your favorite Apple Retail Store."

    As of this writing, we don't know what this year's deals will look like, but last year, the deals included $41 off of the iPad with Retina display, $101 off of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, and an assortment of smaller (some might say negligible) discounts on other Apple products.

    All told, some retail analysts are advising consumers to look for the best deals on Apple products at authorized retail partners, including Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and others.

    Source: 9to5mac
    2013-11-25 08:32 PM
  2. ggab's Avatar
    Meh, you can get a 16 GB iPad Air right now from for $429 w/ free shipping.
    2013-11-26 02:42 AM
  3. RICO_'s Avatar
    $101 off a 2 grand laptop? I would consider that negligible as well. At least make it $200 to compensate for the sales tax. And what's with the extra "$1"? O.o
    2013-11-26 03:03 AM
  4. Eonhpi's Avatar
    More like not so good black friday deals
    2013-11-26 11:07 AM
  5. bigboyz's Avatar
    HA! Apple like Nordstrom's has never been known for $ales. I received an email about it today and deleted it cause I thought it was SPAM hahaha!
    2013-11-26 02:50 PM
  6. peacedog's Avatar
    What's with Apple's discounts always ending in "1"? $21-off, $31-off, $51-off, $101-off. Weird.
    2013-11-26 06:21 PM