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    Those of you who have lost data after connecting Western Digital external hard drives to Mac computers after updating to Mavericks can be somewhat relieved that youíre hard drive wonít be useless going forward. The folks over at Western Digital have released a new version of its WD SmartWare hard drive software following extensive reports of data-loss on its Western Digital hard drives after the installation of OS X Mavericks.

    Several users were complaining on Western Digitalís forums and Appleís Support Communities about losing data after connecting Western Digital external hard drives to computers after updating to Mavericks. The company made the following announcement regarding the matter:

    WD is happy to announce the release of WD SmartWare Version 1.3.6 for Mac 10.5-10.9.

    Fixed an issue related to reports of some customers, under certain conditions, experiencing data loss when updating to Apple's OS X Mavericks (10.9).
    The WD SmartWare update is available for download from Western Digitalís website for those of you who are interested. Although it wonít help you retrieve your lost data, at least you wonít be stuck with a hard drive that may potentially bug out and lose your data once again.

    Source: Western Digital (forum), Apple's Support Communities

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    2013-11-27 01:13 PM
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    Thank god I almost lost my 2 tb hard drive with 3 computers backed up onto it
    2013-11-27 08:49 PM
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    I use Seagate with no problems.
    2013-11-28 06:53 PM