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    A London based digital publishing startup by the name of Exact Editions has recently begun implementing Apple’s iBeacon microlocation receivers to deliver location-based access to iOS Newsstand publications. The iBeacon receivers are used as part of the company’s “ByPlace” service, which can trigger location specific publications and other content once an iPhone or iPad is nearby.

    The first implementation of this program was made in Bar Kick in Shoreditch, UK where patrons were given access to a soccer magazine by the name of “When Saturday Comes” and style magazine “Dazed & Confused” free of charge while at the bar. The apps reverted to subscription status once out of the range of Bar Kick’s iBeacons. The success of the idea hasn’t been confirmed but the idea is quite compelling. The following was mentioned regarding the idea:

    Exact Editions expects that selling subscriptions attached to iBeacon delivery will be particularly attractive to a magazine with a niche audience, and one that will be particularly associated with corresponding venues. The principal advantages for the venues are as follows:

    1. Suitable content can be selected (eg film magazines for a cinema wifi zone, fashion magazines for an arty venue, finance or business magazines for a location in the City or in an airline lounge etc.)
    2. The venue can choose its content to suit its audience, and the iBeacon will generate statistics which indicate which magazines are most used and when.
    3. There will be discreet but noticeable in-app branding for the venue, through the use of ‘courtesy panes’ within the app, stating the sponsorship eg “When Saturday Comes brought to you by courtesy of Bar Kick”.
    4. As the venues get statistics on the usage of the apps that they host, and as they get in-app credit for the use of those apps, they will be able to measure to an extent the degree to which freely magazine apps generate repeat business. The customer who really enjoys his app and walks out with the app synced to his iPhone has a reason to buy a subscription in iTunes, but he also has a reason to return to the bar where he got some free access.
    Originally introduced at WWDC, iBeacon microlcation APIs are designed to access location data through the Bluetooth Low Energy profile on iOS devices, interacting with physical transmitters. The technology made its first appearance earlier this year when Major League Baseball announced plans to incorporate Apple’s iBeacon APIs into its At the Ballpark app to create interactive experiences within stadiums in the near future. Apple is supposedly incorporating iBeacon technology into its own Apple Store app and retail stores, providing customers with enhanced location-based product information and in-store services. Furthermore, Shopkick and Macy’s have teamed up for the first retail-based iBeacons, allowing customers to find location-specific deals, discounts and recommendations in the Shopkick app while in a participating Macy’s store.

    How do you feel about the technology and the way it is being implemented?

    Source: Exact Editions (blog) via TechCrunch

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2013-12-05 05:14 AM
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    Should be called icommercial instead of ibeacon.
    2013-12-05 08:58 AM
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    Do they sell them for personal use?
    2013-12-06 08:35 PM