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    People over at Twitter have recently been noting that Apple has begun preparing a number of stock Mac Pro configurations for delivery starting on December 30. In addition, many other users are seeing their credit cards charged and order statuses changed to “Preparing for Shipment.” The new status indicates that orders cannot be canceled or changed and are in the final stage before the new Mac Pros are handed off to delivery companies.

    The majority of users’ reported that the dates appear to be December 30 and a small number of users are reporting that their deliver dates are December 27. Both dates would squeeze the new Mac Pro into Apple’s self-imposed December release date for the new professional desktop computer.

    As expected, the first shipments of the Mac Pros are all stock configurations, as it has thus far been unclear if custom configurations have been shopping out to users. Since online ordering has been made available, the shipping estimates have slipped into February 2014, with demand outstripping supply.

    Have any of you ordered a Mac Pro?

    Source: Twitter

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    2013-12-24 10:24 AM