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    Much like in the past years, Apple recently launched a special Boxing Day sale in the Canada and UK iTunes store, offering deals on select albums and songs. The sale is accessible through the iTunes store on both iOS devices and on the desktop. Although Boxing Day is recognized as a holiday on December 26th in Canada, retailers tend to hold Boxing Week sales from December 24 through January 2.

    As of right now, the holiday is officially recognized in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong and a handful of other countries. Retailers tend to see it as being equivalent to Black Friday in the United States.

    This year Apple is offering a huge selection of albums across various genres starting as low as $5.99.

    Will any of you be jumping on the offers?

    Source: iTunes

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    2013-12-27 06:07 AM
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    Someone should remind the Yanks what 'boxing day' is lest they think it involves punching people. ;-)
    2013-12-27 08:50 PM