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    Tesla appears to be joining many other Silicon Valley companies when it comes to hiring employees away from Apple. Just a few weeks after Tesla poached Apple Mac Hardware Vice President, Doug Field, it has been discovered that Tesla has poached Rich Heley as well.

    Although Heley’s name isn’t as famous as Field’s or Apple senior executives, his job has been critical when it came to Apple’s success over the past decade. Although Apple has become famous for its integration of hardware, software and services, it should be noted that manufacturing and design techniques are also what allowed Apple to produce high-quality devices in mass quantities. This is exactly where Heley comes in as he has contributing to manufacturing, design and supply chain management for Apple across several different positions. Most recently, Heley led teams relating to designing new manufacturing techniques.

    Heley’s description of his new role at Tesla, found on his LinkedIn, say the following:

    Sr. Director of Manufacturing Technology at Tesla tasked with taking the most advanced car in the world and making it even better. The scope includes advances in Vehicle, Power Train and Battery technologies by conforming the manufacturing process to the best possible design without compromise. Bringing the fit, finish, and materials used to a level unprecedented in the automotive industry as well as continuing to advance the performance and efficiency through advances in manufacturing.
    His experience with developing both the techniques and the materials used to produce devices such as the iPhone and iPod will be invaluable to Tesla, an electric vehicle company with large ambitions relating to manufacturing design and materials. As of right now, Heley’s departure is quite significant for Apple but in the long run, it’s likely that Apple will have several engineers to help fill his shoes.

    Source: LinkedIn via 9to5Mac

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    2013-12-28 10:21 AM
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    Nothing personal.....it's just business Apple. Deal with it and move on.
    2013-12-29 07:25 PM