1. Moneymikey's Avatar
    Think of any tv show or movie ever (even movies in theatre right now) you are able to watch with the click of a button. Plus porn...lots if porn...
    2014-01-05 11:43 PM
  2. c1972798's Avatar
    You can install XBMC and stream your video library to your home theater. It also allows for Bluetooth keyboard hookup among other things. It's the reason I got the Apple TV.
    They added bluetooth keyboard support to OFW a few versions ago.
    And they also added Crackle so it can watch more free movies now.
    Still not as good as accessing my NAS which is full of movies as thats what I'm waiting for. ATV3 jailbreak so I can watch those movies easier.
    2014-01-06 05:42 AM
  3. srchino's Avatar
    I have always wondered about this also, it would be great if someone could help us out here.............
    For me it used to be plex, but now you can have plexconnect(no jailbreak required)
    others prefer to use XBMC.

    also check this,
    aTV Flash (black) | FireCore
    and this,
    Apple TV Hacks ‚ÄĒ Get more from your shiny box of joy
    2014-01-06 07:52 AM
  4. kraziebone's Avatar
    Xbmc is awesome. Not to mention it makes the atv much more valuable if jailbroken. Do a quick search on eBay and you'll see that a jailbroken atv1 or atv2 sells for more money than a new Apple TV 3 (which can't be jailbroken) even if a few years old. Love my atv1 & atv2
    2014-01-06 08:04 AM
  5. rikimasina's Avatar
    Please Devs work on the Apple TV 3!
    Bro i find some info here grafischbedrijf.com/how-to-jailbreak-apple-tv-3 and download this tool, And make the Jailbreak for my Apple TV but make some problems, I don't know what is this, for any 2 or 3 hours my device restart auto.
    2014-03-18 12:02 AM
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