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    On Monday, Apple confirmed on the Investor Relations page of its official website that the company will announce results from its first fiscal quarter of 2014 later this month.

    The call is scheduled for January 27th.

    Following the publication of the eagerly anticipated results, Apple plans to conduct a conference call to presumably discuss, among other things, the critically important sales logged by the company over the holiday quarter.

    With analysts expecting big numbers for Apple's iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s and refreshed iPads, a positive report from Apple could set the stage for higher moves by AAPL on NASDAQ as the New Year gets underway.

    Dollars and cents aside, Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer have established a fairly pristine track record of not dropping any major informational bombshells on these conference calls. But "hints" as to what Apple may have up its sleeve have been dropped in the past. And investors and media outlets will be listening closely for those on the 27th.

    MMi will bring you all the details of the earnings report and subsequent conference call as they develop.

    Source: Apple
    2014-01-07 01:02 AM
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    Apple to hold Q1 earnings call to announce how much fatter the Investor/Execs wallets will be getting.
    2014-01-08 02:19 AM