1. Michael Essany's Avatar

    When Apple and Google work together on something, you know it's a serious issue of importance to an industry that's bigger and more important than its individual players.

    In this case, the two rivals-turned-temporary-allies are battling patent trolls and the frivolous patent lawsuits that continue to target mobile's biggest and smallest companies. Consequently, Apple and Google is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to let them "hit back" against those filing supercilious lawsuits, resulting in exorbitant legal fees.

    The technology companies are leading a group of firms urging the court to make it easier to collect attorneys’ fees from patent-holders who lose infringement suits. In two cases to be argued this month, the justices for the first time will consider the rules that govern fee awards in patent litigation.
    “Technology companies are seeing an onslaught of patent claims,” Charlene Morrow, a patent lawyer with Fenwick & West, tells Bloomberg. A favorable Supreme Court ruling “should make it less profitable to bring frivolous claims.”

    Remarkably and disturbingly, over 100,000 companies faced infringement suits in 2012 by businesses that exist only to extract royalty revenue.

    Source: Bloomberg
    2014-02-05 09:34 PM
  2. c1972798's Avatar
    But Apple are the one to make stupid patents so are they going to fight themselves?
    2014-02-06 01:48 AM
  3. fleurya's Avatar
    FanDroids heads will implode!
    2014-02-06 02:13 AM
  4. zeppy's Avatar
    More stupid greed by Apple's management, now Apple management is trying to corrupt the legal system along with Google-NSA. Apple and Google "do not want a level-playing field" and want to crush all business rivals going forward.

    Apple's management team is anathema to all that is good.

    Apple employees are the reason that Apple products are as wonderful as they are!

    The Apple management team should be thrown out with yesterday's trash.
    2014-02-06 06:22 AM
  5. FireSpyder's Avatar
    This is not so much about companies that produce a product and are trying to protect it. It is about companies that exist solely to purchase patents and sue other companies to make a profit. They are not innovators. They do not come up with their own ideas. They do not produce any tangible product. They just attempt to piggy back on the profits of others that do. AKA Patent Trolls. They should be regulated, held accountable, and penalized when they lose a case.
    2014-02-06 02:46 PM