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    On Monday, Apple rolled out a miniscule update to its Apple TV content lineup. This time, the addition is another channel that deals exclusively with content from a little British band that invaded the U.S. 50 years ago. Perhaps you've heard of them? The Beatles.

    The new channel - which is creatively titled "The Beatles" - serves up a heaping helping of content that can also be found on iTunes. In addition to a comprehensive selection of songs, the band's first appearance on Ed Sullivan in 1964 is available on the channel today.

    The content is available at no charge, but we're told that the Beatles' TV appearance from Ed Sullivan will only be presented for a limited period of time.

    For Apple, the addition of the new Beatles channel is not only a welcome update to fans of the legendary band, but also a clever way to sell the band's iconic music. The channel can be expected to heavily promote the Fab Four's robust catalog of songs available for purchase through iTunes now.

    Source: Apple
    2014-02-10 07:01 PM
  2. Jupit3r's Avatar
    My love of the Beatles makes me want to hug Apple.. It was a pleasure to wake up to 😜
    2014-02-11 07:52 AM