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    Checking out at Whole Foods may soon deliver a whole new payment experience.

    On Tuesday, Square - the mobile payments giant - issued an announcement confirming a new partnership with Whole Foods, the result of which will put an iPad-based Square payment terminal in many more stores... soon.

    These on-the-go purchasing options allow customers to make immensely fast purchases at food venues within select Whole Foods Market stores.

    We're told that this is Square’s first partnership with a national grocer. Beginning today (they are NOT wasting any time on this), seven Whole Foods Market venues have begun using Square Stand, including stores in Austin, New York City, Florida and the San Francisco Bay Area.

    “Together with Square, we’ll deliver options to expedite checkouts, and we look forward to developing new concepts to further simplify and improve grocery shopping,” said Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market. “Square’s forward-thinking vision and technology makes them an ideal partner to create a convenient, responsive experience for our customers.”

    To read the full announcement on the Square blog, click here.

    Source: Square
    2014-02-12 03:56 AM
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    Yeah, store terminals tend to suck balls for some reason. Has anyone ever seen (or worked with) them? For produce, for example, instead of having something simple like a "produce" button that then opens up to a produce section that can be clicked, instead they use a silly numbering system.

    21st century, guys. Come on.
    2014-02-12 07:55 PM