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    Apple was spreading some wealth on Thursday as the company paid out another $2.6 billion in dividends to shareholders.

    Apple, however, managed to reduce its payout this time around following its recent share buyback.

    "After Apple Inc. buys back shares, of course it doesn’t pay dividends on those shares," explains Michelle Jones of Value Walk. "This means that the company slashed about $85.4 million off its dividend payments, just by buying back $14 billion in shares recently."

    All told, for each share, shareholders qualifying for payment received $3.05 in dividends yesterday.

    In March 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the dividend program as part of a big buyback and dividend plan that was initially designed to claim $45 billion from Apple's capital reserves over the next 36 months. At that time, Cook said that Apple has the luxury of being able to pour billions into this program and still maintain a war chest for "strategic opportunities and have plenty of cash to run our business."

    Two years removed from the unveiling of Apple's dividend plan, the company is, as Jones puts it, still "raking in the cash much more quickly than it can spend it."

    Source: Value Walk
    2014-02-14 06:07 PM