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    As MMi reported in January, the respective CEOs of Apple and Samsung both agreed to attend a mediation session by February 19th, about one month before the two are scheduled to return to the courtroom for yet another round of patent litigation.

    Aiming for a potential out-of-court resolution before the second California patent trial between the two begins in March, this high level mediation was billed as an offshoot of a January 6th conference in which the Apple and Samsung counsel met to “discuss settlement opportunities.”

    On Friday, ZDNet Korea reported that their local sources say JK Shin, head of Samsung’s mobile division, and Apple CEO Tim Cook met in the U.S. in recent days to hold their face-to-face meeting as planned. The outcome? We're told nothing was resolved.

    It must be noted, however, that Apple and Samsung have not confirmed this meeting.

    Both were following the mitigation orders given out by the court in San Jose, California overseeing the litigation, which demanded an agreement by February 19th....The court will announce its final verdict after the 19th. Samsung may have to pay damages up to $930 million to Apple.
    Although both parties are believed to be eager to resolve the matter, Apple and Samsung have been at war in court since 2011, and most legal experts don't believe these entanglements will be worked out any time soon.

    Source: ZDNet Korea
    2014-02-14 07:27 PM