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    With the second Apple vs. Samsung trial slated to kick off next month, Apple may call Android founder Andy Rubin to the stand to testify. The news comes via a witness list that Apple filed with the court last week. According to the documents, Rubin, who formerly worked at Apple in the 80s, may be called to testify on the development of Android features that Apple believes to infringe upon Apple’s intellectual property. Rubin may also be called to comment on “Google documents relating to such development.”

    Rubin is certainly a high profile witness, though you might recall that he no longer heads up Android at Google. In March of 2013, Rubin left the Android team to reportedly focus on robot oriented projects for Google. Other Google employees Apple indicated it may call to the stand the following: Fred Quintana, a software developer at Google. Kenzo Fong Hing, Google's current Head of Android Marketing. Ann Hsieh, a User Experience Researcher at Google. Hiroshi Lockheimer, a Google VP of Engineering. Helena Roeber, a User Experience expert who worked at Google from 2005-2012 where she spearheaded “all aspects of user research” on Android is also on Apple’s witness list.

    As for Samsung’s witness list, they plan to call Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller to the stand and possibly Scott Forstall as well. While both Schiller and Forstall testified at trial during Apple and Samsung’s first legal go-round, Rubin would be a fresh face in the courtroom.

    We’ll have to wait and see what happens during the trial.

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    2014-02-18 07:21 AM