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    Apple is preparing an update to fix an issue that causes 11 and 13-inch 2013 MacBook Airs to crash when they are wakened from sleep, according to information from an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

    According to several lengthy threads on the Apple Support Communities, 2013 MacBook Air users have been experiencing sleep/wake issues for several months. Crashes, freezes, and blank black screens are common after waking a MacBook Air from sleep, and fixing the problem requires a hard restart. It appears that the issue is related to OS X Mavericks and requires a combination of the computer going to sleep and a press on the keyboard or touchpad to initiate. One specific user has been able to successfully re-create the problem by pressing the power button to put the MacBook Air to sleep and then immediately clicking on the touchpad, which causes the machine to freeze.

    The service provider that mentioned the update has said that it appears to be a bug in the sensor that detects when the lid is being opened, which has led to multiple machine returns and replacements as it was previously unclear whether it was a hardware issue or a software issue.

    An Apple support representative confirmed that a fix is in the works and should be bundled with the next OS X Mavericks update, which likely points to 10.9.2. A user on Apple’s support forums noted that OS X 10.9.2 beta 4 appears to fix part of the problem by altering the function of the power button, preventing the machine from going to sleep when the power button is miss-tapped. Ahead of the update, users who are experiencing sleep/wake crashes with their MacBook Airs appear to be able to repair the problem with a restart.

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    2014-02-19 05:31 AM
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    I am happy about this, mine crashes after wake up at least once a week. It is a very minor annoyance since it boots within 10 seconds, therefore I didn't return the laptop after buying it with this issue, as so many did.
    2014-02-19 02:47 PM