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    As chatter intensifies that Apple will refresh its Apple TV set-top box in the coming months, one of the tech giant's leading competitors in the digital world may be looking to undercut Apple's living room experiment.

    According to the latest insider buzz, Amazon will launch a comprehensive challenge to Apple TV with a set-top box of its own, possibly as soon as March. Understandably, the device would allow users to stream no shortage of content directly to their televisions in HD.

    "Sources tell me Amazonís box will be powered by Googleís Android operating system, which is also not a surprise ó Amazonís Kindle Fire tablets use a 'forked' version of Android," says veteran tech journalist and industry insider Peter Kafka. "What I donít know is whether the device Amazon is producing will also function as a gaming hub."

    Since we do know that Amazon has been hiring game developers lately, it will be interesting to see if the Amazon device has more advanced capabilities beyond offering what the Apple TV presently does.

    For now, Amazon isn't commenting on the rumors.

    Source: Re/Code
    2014-02-21 06:20 PM
  2. steve-z17's Avatar
    Of course Prime members will have access to a number of movies and TV shows which is nice. Depending on how well it runs and its capabilities, I might try one out. However, if Apple releases a new ATV and it has improvements that I like I'll probably end up sticking with them. Time will tell....
    2014-02-21 07:24 PM