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    With famed Hollywood scribe Aaron Sorkin hard at work turning Walter Isaacson's best-selling biography on Steve Jobs into a feature film, other aspects of the project are also coming together nicely, The Hollywood Reported revealed Wednesday.

    David Fincher, the celebrated director of The Social Network, which chronicled Mark Zuckerberg's development and launch of Facebook, is apparently attached to the Steve Jobs biopic for Sony.

    Fincher is, at the very least, in talks to direct the new movie, although some sources say it's practically a done deal because Fincher wants the project and would love to work with Sorkin again.

    "If a deal comes together," today's report reads, "the film would reunite the director with Oscar-winning Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin, who recently finished the adaptation, and Social Network producer Scott Rudin. Mark Gordon and Guymon Casady also are producing."

    Although Hollywood was previously disappointed by the box office results of Aston Kutcher's big screen portrayal of Steve Jobs (which only grossed $25 million), expectations are much, much higher for this film. In fact, Oscar buzz is already swirling, which - despite being ridiculous at this stage - is telling, nonetheless, about the enthusiasm surrounding the movie.

    Source: The Hollywood Reporter
    2014-02-26 09:21 PM
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    Cast Stallone as Steve jobs and I'm in.
    2014-02-26 10:01 PM
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    2014-02-26 11:56 PM