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    Although Apple's retail preeminence has only spanned the last decade, a humble few early Apple resellers helped to set the pace for what would become Apple's present-day retail empire.

    And now, the very first store to call itself an Apple product reseller is closing its doors at the end of this month. reports that FirstTech - a Minneapolis tech dealer that first carried Apple's "pioneering personal computers" in the late 1970s - will end operations on March 29th.

    A going-out-of-business sale commenced yesterday, although no relics of Apple's product past remain in stock. What does remain in ample supply, however, is sorrow. Many locals as well as company employees will be sad to see the small store close after serving generations of Minnesota tech shoppers.

    The store's product manager Fred Evans blames FirstTech's closure on today's competitive market forces, chiefly those introduced by "aggressive national vendors."

    These vendors have "basically been willing to sell the computer equipment below cost to go after the national service business," he noted. It became increasingly difficult for "a brick-and-mortar to offer personalized service when we can't make any money off the product you're selling."
    Store employees were notified of the company's pending closure yesterday.

    2014-03-20 08:10 PM
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    it would have been a nice gesture from Apple, to offer some help
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    2014-03-20 09:23 PM
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    it would have been a nice gesture from Apple, to offer some help
    I feel your point. Apple the business probably sees them as competition at this point. There are Apple Stores everywhere now.
    2014-03-20 09:58 PM
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    Well its been a long run. They can be proud of that at least.
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    2014-03-20 10:02 PM
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    Welcome to walmart
    2014-03-21 12:02 AM
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    it would have been a nice gesture from Apple, to offer some help
    I've been a First Tech customer going back three decades. While it would have been a nice gesture for Apple to help the retailer, they could have helped themselves. Their customer service, once the best in the Twin Cities, has steadily fallen off over the past fifteen years. One company for which I worked bought all their equipment computers, printers, servers, routers, etc. from First Tech, even when the prices were higher than what could be found on the interwebs. They did that because it came with outstanding support and service. Then their salesperson left and that company left with them.

    Not long ago I went to First Tech to buy a Thunderbolt cable. It took twenty minutes for come one to acknowledge my presence and another ten to get my question answered. Then it took five minutes for them to determine they didn't have the cable in stock. They did, however, inform me that I could have them order the cable and I could pick it up a few days later. The only thing was that their retail price was higher than that of the Apple Store six blocks away. Wait and pay more for the same item? Didn't make sense so I moved on.
    2014-03-22 09:40 PM