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    New details have come to light Thursday with regard to Apple's ultra-secretive acquisition of automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology company Novauris Technologies.

    As it turns out, Apple's acquisition of the company may have only just become public news, but the deal was actually sealed last year. Since fall of 2013, the Novauris team has been laboring to improve upon Siri, Apple's hugely popular voice-command personal assistant.

    Shut down as an independent entity, the acquired talent now works exclusively for Apple, tackling the projects deemed by Apple to be most pressing. But given the innovative aspirations exhibited by the company throughout its 12 year history, Siri may be in for quite an upgrade by the time we see iOS 8.

    Novauris had been developing its own large-vocabulary, automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology for access to information stored locally on mobile devices or remotely on servers, which they patented in the U.S. and abroad, and licensed to major corporations worldwide.
    "Its applications and services are capable of searching on-device content like contacts, apps, FAQs, music, and translation, plus could assist with navigation or search for content in a deviceís App Store, and more," TechCrunch proposed Thursday.

    Source: TechCrunch
    2014-04-03 07:32 PM