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    Thunderbolt Networking, an addition to Thunderbolt 2 interconnect standard, was unveiled recently by Intel. It allows users to transfer data between two PCs and Macs with up to 10 GB per second over an emulated Ethernet connection. Users already with Thunderbolt 2-equipped Macs under the newest Apple operating system, OS X Mavericks, can take advantage of the feature. Thunderbolt has had the ability to carry networking signals for a while now, but the limitation was just 1 GB per second.

    There has yet to be any news on when Thunderbolt Networking will be available for the PC although Intel at the yearly National Association of Broadcasters show held in Las Vegas is giving demonstrations of the technology. The boost in transfer speed as the industry moves towards 4K video resolution should appeal to many video professionals.

    As a co-inventor of the Thunderbolt, Apple typically ships new Thunderbolt Mac before the rest of the industry. That being said, only the newly-redesigned Mac Pro and MacBook Pro with retina display are equipped with Thunderbolt-2 compatible chipsets.

    Weíll have to wait and see what happens by being patient.

    Source: Intel (blog)

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    2014-04-08 05:28 AM
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    I'm using this set up with a either net to thunderbolt connector cable using this cable my 153 meg runes even faster using this cable the cable is on the apple store for sale at £25
    2014-04-08 11:26 AM