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    Apple’s first generation Apple TVs have lost their ability to connect to iTunes recently and this is an issue that appears to be affecting users worldwide. A lengthy Apple Discussions page shows that the problem started on the 17th of April and has persisted for 1st generation Apple TV users. A member in the forum by the name georgevargas describes the issue as the following:

    As of last night I had full access to the iTunes Store. Since this morning I was getting an ITunes Store Not Available message, and after unplugging the Apple TV the iTunes Store access completely disappeared except for movie trailers.
    Users have gone through the usual diagnostics including rebooting and restoring, but have found that nothing has restored connectivity. The initial timing of the outage corresponds to the FaceTime not working for iOS 6 users, suggesting some internal changes by Apple has affected both services. Some users are speculating that internal communication upgrades related to the Heartbleed security could be related. The Cupertino California company denied that Heartbleed affected any of their “key services” but didn’t elaborate on what those might be.

    Apple hasn’t provided any statement on if and when 1st generation Apple TV functionality will be restored or not. For those of you who didn’t already know, the first generation Apple TV was released in January 2007 and was sold until September 2010.

    Source: Apple Discussions

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2014-04-21 07:28 AM
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    mhm.. this and that ios 6 thing.. i smell BS, or they got hackedd and arent saying.
    2014-04-21 07:39 AM
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    Hi, well, from the 17th, that makes iOS 6 FaceTime, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Now TV and ATV1 connectivity issues! However The BBC say its iPlayer has been fixed on the iPad.
    BBC iPlayer - Help - Apple devices – Problems with on-demand streaming
    2014-04-21 02:38 PM
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    Don't think this is on purpose more like bad timing with the Easter holiday!
    2014-04-21 09:39 PM
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    mhm.. this and that ios 6 thing.. i smell BS, or they got hackedd and arent saying.
    Yes, probably by the CIA! Now where is my tin hat?? Oh, that's right it 's on my head!
    2014-04-21 10:00 PM
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    Or. Could be the old push to update software and equipment. Seen that show numerous times

    Like. Your 7 year old Apple TV is broke? Hmm. Have you tried buying the Apple TV 3? Lol. They are all working. And you can't jailbreak them
    2014-04-22 06:04 AM
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    I was looking through some boxes in my closet and found my old first gen AppleTV. Miss the built in hard drive but its all good. More than enough streamers in my house. PS3 is my main one. Roku's new streaming stick for my extra monitor in spare room/office.
    2014-04-22 09:07 AM
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    This is what has me worried about things like Car Play and such; will current generation one day cease working with newer devices or suddenly not be compatible with older devices? It's always so arbitrary, such with FT suddenly not working for no reason what so ever.
    2014-04-26 06:34 PM