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    Even Apple's most ardent environmental critics will find it difficult to balk at Apple's largest efforts in the green energy space.

    Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president for environmental initiatives, says Apple is aggressively stepping up its commitment to renewable energy. When Jackson speaks, the environmental community tends to listen. After all, before joining Apple, Jackson was administrator of the EPA.

    In a new interview with Wired, Jackson confirms that 120 of Apple's U.S.-based Apple stores are now powered solely by renewables, including flagship sites everywhere from Palo Alto to New York.

    Apple plans to bring green power to its remaining 135 stores in the United States as soon as possible.

    "One of this year’s challenges is making sure that its retail stores rely on renewables just as much as its corporate campuses and data centers," says Steven Levy of Wired. "Since Apple typically leases its gadget emporia, it has less control over the power source, so in some cases its efforts are constrained."

    Source: Wired
    2014-04-22 01:08 AM