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    Ahead of Apple's earnings report later today after the close of trading on Wall Street for Wednesday, some investors are nervous. Very nervous. And that's understandable given the insanely high bar that's been set for Apple in recent years.

    In January, despite reporting record quarterly earnings and sales of leading mobile devices, shares of AAPL were punished after hours for simply not being good enough and falling short of analyst projections. Consequently, there is apprehension that we'll see a repeat of this episode again this afternoon.

    With Apple stuck in a $520 - $530 range of late, a strong report today could finally push the company back toward the $600 mark. If the opposite transpires, Apple could easily dip below $500 by tomorrow.

    The slowdown -- driven by stalling iPhone and iPad sales amid a more competitive and saturated mobile-device market -- is spurring ever-louder criticism from analysts and investors that Apple lacks the breakthrough ideas it once had when co-founder Steve Jobs was in charge. The company's shares are off 24 percent from their September 2012 all-time high.
    "There's incredible potential but how long can you wait?" Michael Obuchowski, chief investment officer at Merlin Asset Management and portfolio manager at Concert Wealth Management Inc., tells Yahoo Finance. "I'm getting to the level of frustration that I don't know how much longer I'll be holding on to that company."

    Source: Yahoo Finance
    2014-04-23 09:29 PM
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    Funny how analytics runs business. Its not a full proof paradigm. Yet, when it is wrong the $$ boys get all nervous too funny to me.
    2014-04-23 09:56 PM
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    Oh the investors and share holders.
    2014-04-24 01:39 AM