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    Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe all seem to have settled the lawsuit that was levied against them for their anti-poaching agreements according to Reuters. The settlement was revealed in a court filing but the terms of the deal haven’t yet been disclosed. The no-hire agreements between the companies first came to light in 2011, after tech workers filed a class action lawsuit alleging the companies had conspired not to poach employees from one another in an effort to keep salaries lower.

    No-solicitation agreements dated back to 2005 and in addition to Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe, involved other companies including Intuit, Lucasfilm and Pixar among many more. The agreements prevented company recruiters from contacting employees on specific no contact lists.

    The United States Department of Justice got involved in the lawsuit back in 2010 and the companies were required to cease entering into anti-poaching agreements. A class-action civil suit covering 64,000 employees was allowed to proceed and that is the lawsuit that was settled today for an unspecified amount of money. The terms of the settlement will be presented to District Judge Lucy Koh on May 27. Pixar, Lucasfilm and Intuit previously settled their cases for approximately $20 million.

    We’ll have to see how much the companies settled for in the latest lawsuit.

    Source: MercuryNews, Reuters

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    2014-04-25 12:29 AM
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    $50 billion penalty might be appropriate.
    2014-04-26 03:59 PM