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    Following a recent wave of announced departures at Apple, including longtime CFO Peter Oppenheimer and PR head Katie Cotton, news has come to light revealing that Apple is losing another top employee.

    Apple's current North American head of sales Zane Rowe is leaving. But unlike Cotton, who confirmed her departure yesterday with complimentary words toward Apple and an expression of how much she will miss her colleagues and company, Rowe is being very quiet about his reason for leaving.

    While his silence isn't necessarily an indication of bad blood or ill-will toward Apple, it is notable, nonetheless, given the ample media coverage his unexpected departure after just two years in the position is generating.

    Doug Beck, Apple's head of sales for Japan and Korea, will assume North American territory from Rowe.

    "Beck has overseen Apple’s stellar performance in Japan," the WSJ reports. "The country has emerged as one of the company’s fastest-growing markets with the iPhone accounting for about 55% of smartphone market share"

    Source: WSJ
    2014-05-08 07:16 PM
  2. exNavy's Avatar
    I'll take Doug's job. I'll do it for cheap too.
    2014-05-09 03:58 AM
  3. *T*'s Avatar
    I'll take Doug's job. I'll do it for cheap too.
    Payment isn't a problem for Apple. They want someone who'll do it well.
    2014-05-10 01:54 AM