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    Apple is said to be working on improving JavaScript performance for its Safari browser. InfoWorld reported that the inclusion of accelerator upgrades have been added in recent builds of WebKit. WebKit is an open source browser engine that was created by the company that serves as the basis for Safari, and “FTLJIT” is the upgrade to WebKit’s JavaScript engine. These upgrades will make WebKit’s JavaScript engine comparable to Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey and Google’s V8 engines.

    FTLJIT is still considered experimental, so although it's being made available in the OS X port of WebKit by default, it's not actually turned on yet -- it has to be enabled through command-line flags.

    One attribute that could make FTLJIT stand out from the pack all the more is how well it runs JavaScript code that is not specifically optimized for [Mozilla's] asm.js. Every JavaScript engine will run asm.js code, but only Mozilla's SpiderMonkey honors asm.js-specific optimizations, and right now no other browser maker has elected to follow Mozilla's lead.
    It was noted in the reports that Chrome was outperformed by WebKit with FTLJIT enabled, however Firefox still topped the charts during asm.js-optimized benchmark tests. A key technology for web browsers has been JavaScript for many years now and it facilitates a wide range of user interactions with web pages like dynamic loading of content without reloading pages.

    As of right now, it is unclear yet if Apple will be targeting OS X 10.10 for the JavaScript improvements.

    Source: InfoWorld

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    2014-05-13 04:02 AM