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    Quest Visual - makers of the Word Lens app for iOS and Android - has just been acquired by Google, according to a post on the Word Lens webpage.

    As some will recall, Word Lens - a mobile app that translates foreign text to the user's native language - had a starring role in Apple's "Powerful" ad released in April. But now, the makers of this technology have officially aligned with Google.

    So what's behind the deal? Quest Visual says the partnership will allow Google to bring "broad language coverage and translation capabilities" to some of the exciting projects underway at Google, including Google Glass.

    "We've made both the app and the language packs free to download for a limited time while we transition to Google," the company said in its announcement today. "We're looking forward to continuing our work at Google - stay tuned!"

    As of this writing, no other details with regard to the acquisition - including financial details - have been disclosed.

    Source: Quest Visual
    2014-05-16 10:08 PM
  2. JazJon's Avatar
    I see this as a good thing maybe now Chinese will be supported faster
    2014-05-16 11:46 PM
  3. H4CK3R's Avatar
    Apple should have gobbled these guys up a while ago... Bad move.
    2014-05-17 01:15 AM
  4. csglinux's Avatar
    Apple should have gobbled these guys up a while ago... Bad move.
    The over-priced headphones were the higher-priority item ;-)
    2014-05-17 01:22 AM
  5. chevymusclecar's Avatar
    It's an awesome app!
    2014-05-17 09:47 AM