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    Apple appears to be considering wireless charging capabilities for the iWatch according to a various Chinese media reports citing sources at Apple supplier, Luxshare. The Shenzen-based company has reportedly sent Apple wireless charging coils for certification, and pending approval, will likely be providing the wireless charging modules for the iWatch. The report also notes that the iWatch will launch in the second half of this year pending production times.

    A report last December also stated that Apple would include wireless charging capabilities in the iWatch, allowing the device to charge from up to a meter away. The iWatch’s battery life has been previously reported as a problem for Apple, with iWatch prototypes lasting only 1-2 days on a charge and the company hoping to find ways to extend that to 4-5 days. Although wireless charging would be one way to reduce the burden of frequent charges, it is still unclear exactly how it would be implemented in the device’s body.

    Rumors indicate that Apple’s iWatch will contain several different biometric sensors allowing it to track health-related metrics such as heart rate, sleep quality and more. The sensors will aggregate data that will eb stored in a rumored “Healthbook” application which is said to be released in iOS 8.

    Along with health-related functionality, the iWatch will likely integrate with the iPhone and iPad to provide notifications and quick access to frequently used apps and services.

    The Cupertino California company’s iWatch is rumored to ship later this year with two different sizes to accommodate different sized wrists. A report from last week stated that the device will feature a round face similar to that of Motorola’s Moto 360 smart watch with production beginning in late July.

    Source: Xeuqiu via GforGames

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    2014-05-30 06:46 AM
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    I bet its cause they have battery problems. They are just "Trying" to make the task of charging less annoying.. LMAO.
    2014-05-30 08:53 AM
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    If the iWatch looked as slick as that then I'd buy one in a heart beat. If it looks huge and bulky like the rest of them out there, I'll pass.
    2014-05-30 08:08 PM
  4. fleurya's Avatar
    Even though it's probaby entirely possible to make a watch that slick looking, I doubt we'll see it any time soon. Partly because it may be too expensive to make it appealing to the masses, but mostly because you sdon't put out your best-looking ideas first (sadly, that's how business works)

    I'm honestly annoyed by those who make these renders look so good because reality will never be able to match a person's imagination, and rendering those ideas into something so real looking that reality is always disappointing.
    2014-05-30 08:17 PM
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    If the iWatch looked as slick as that then I'd buy one in a heart beat. If it looks huge and bulky like the rest of them out there, I'll pass.
    Does anyone out there under 50 still wear a watch?
    2014-06-02 02:26 PM