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    After one of the most eventful WWDC keynotes in recent memory and after Eddy Cue claimed that Apple has its most exciting product pipeline in 25 years, there have been few better times to invest in AAPL shares. With that in mind, Apple has recently given an overhaul to its Investor Relations mini-site, giving it a long overdue spit shine. The new website features sections advising on Apple stock prices, financial information, SEC filings and leadership and governance, alongside relevant press releases and financial news.

    Most notably, the website’s graphical overhaul brings it into line with Apple’s current design preferences, with an abundance of thin fonts and white space. It also includes a stunning image of the company’s first Apple store in Istanbul, Turkey, which opened earlier this year by Tim Cook, alongside Turkish president Abdullah Gül. Its presence on the Apple investor’s page emphasizes the company’s increasing focus on the growing Apple business in new international territories.

    Are any of you investing in Apple or planning to after the recent announcements at this year’s WWDC keynote?

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    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2014-06-04 09:56 PM