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    Apple released an iPhone 5s ad during the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals recently, and it focuses on the deviceís ability to link with activity trackers and fitness apps in becoming an all-in-one digital trainer. The most recent ad campaign has the tagline "you're more powerful than you think". Hardware like Misfit's Shine activity tracker was shown and apps like Stronglifts was also shown.

    On top of Stronglifts, golfing apps, running apps and others were used to illustrate how useful the iPhone 5s can be for the active lifestyle. The iPhone 5s is the first Apple device to use the M7 motion coprocessor to obtain raw data from various onboard motion sensors, therefore the device is well-suited to the task.

    Apple at WWDC 2014 unveiled a new push into fitness and health by introducing iOS 8ís HealthKit and health app. The company first introduced the more powerful series back in April with an ad showing the deviceís capability as a multimedia creation tool. Reports claim that Apple is moving television ad creation in-house as the iPhone 5s advertisement comes out.

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    2014-06-06 06:14 AM