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    Apple opened a beautiful new Caffè Macs cafeteria in Cupertino for employees at the corner of Alves Dr. and Bandley this week according to tweets, employees, and photos. The cafeteria is located close in proximity to Apple’s first campus building. It took the company 2 years to complete the cafeteria after Apple received approval to build at the current location back in early 2012. The new dining building is only accessible by Apple employees, unlike the Infinite Loop complex- which visitors can visit as long as they get signed in by an Apple employee.

    Dan Whisenhunt, Apple’s Director of Real Estate Facilities, had said in an interview back in 2012 that the cafeteria is for employees to talk about work without being afraid of getting eavesdropped upon. Caffè Macs Alves is within walking distance of other Apple offices in the surrounding area and on Bandley Dr. The building seems to be primarily glass, wood, and steel and blends in with the company’s other recent retail stores. It was designed by the same company responsible for the Campus 2 project, Foster + Partners, which some say the new cafeteria resembles.

    The espresso bar, kitchen, and servery are only a glimpse of what the new campus cafeteria is supposed to look like. The new campus cafeteria is said to be eight times larger and a span of two floors. The company is using the Caffè Macs as a test run to better understand the design of what’s to come in the next kitchen.

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