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    “Browse by Category,” a new App Store feature was announced by Apple recently, and it lets users navigate different app collections without using drop-down menus. The feature is an alternative to the usual drop-down category menus in current iOS and Mac App Stores. However, now users can just choose from categories and icons instead of choosing from a text list. The new feature for the app store is probably geared towards more touch screen devices as opposed to Mac owners.

    The “Browse by Category” option is currently a featured card on iOS and Mac App Stores with other collections like individual showcased apps and App Store exclusives. It is predicted that Apple wants to boost app discovery after breaking off the Categories menu. However, it is still available near the search bar in drop-down form. Apple has been wanting more intuitive navigation for the App Store for quite some time now, but the last major change has already been two years, back in 2012.

    Source: iTunes

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    2014-06-13 08:19 AM
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    So they are trying to replicate Windows 8's Metro UI? Why, why, why?!
    2014-06-13 05:32 PM
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    So it only takes two years to add 'browse by category'?
    Benefits of a captive market...
    2014-06-13 10:05 PM