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    Earlier this month at WWDC, Apple made clear its plans to make health and fitness a higher priority for iOS 8 with the formal unveiling of HealthKit. But app developers and companies entrenched in the mHealth space have been more than a step or two ahead of Apple for some time now. WebMD is one of those companies.

    On Monday, news came to light that WebMD has updated its flagship iOS app with some new features and capabilities designed to give users an improved and more engaging experience. The biggest change to Version 5.0 is the introduction of the Healthy Target health improvement program.

    "WebMD's Healthy Target empowers consumers to make behavioral changes that can improve their physical and mental health," said Dr. Michael Smith, Chief Medical Editor at WebMD. "To achieve successful, sustainable behavioral change, consumers must learn how to track and manage the factors that contribute to healthy living."

    Healthy Target is designed to inform and educate users with the latest physician-reviewed content mapped against attainable user goals and suggested positive habits.

    To get the free app - which now lets users connect their activity tracker, wireless scale, or glucometer - click here.
    2014-06-17 12:14 AM
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    My head hurts, location head, diagnosis - cancer/pending aneurysm.
    My chest hurts, location heart, diagnosis - heart attack.

    Keeps your anxiety at an all time high.
    2014-06-17 02:33 AM