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    On Wednesday, Apple introduced a new low-end 21.5" iMac for the subsidized price tag of just $1099. Apple continues to offer a higher-end 21.5" iMac, as well as a 27.5" iMac in their product line.

    It would appear that the slash in the price comes with a major slash in performance. Geekbench benchmark tests of the new low-end 21.5" iMac are indicating that multi-core benchmarks are scoring up to 40% slower than the higher-end 21.5" iMac. Single-core benchmark scores are about in the same ballpark between the two machines, reports MacRumors.

    What this indicates is that the new iMac would not be a great option for intense processing activities, and that the extra $200 may be well-warranted for the next-step-up machine. The machine also comes with significantly less storage space, weaker graphics, and no upgrade options for memory.

    The low-end 21.5" iMac houses the following specs: a 1.4Ghz dual-core Intel i5 processor with Turbo Boost that can clock the processor up to 2.7Ghz when necessary, one 8GB memory module, a 500GB hard disk drive, and Intel HD 5000 graphics.

    To view Apple's current iMac offerings, you can visit this Apple Store link.

    Sources: MacRumors
    2014-06-19 02:36 AM