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    Electronics manufacturer Archos, a self-installed iOS compatible connected home system is now a new option for consumers. Archos’ new Smart Home system has been introduced with a customized control tablet, cameras, and environmental sensors. “Connected objects,” what the company refers to for their individual devices, can be controlled on either a companion app or through the Android based tablet. The application works for both iOS and Android devices,

    Archos’ Mini-Cam comes with a wide-angle lens that can be used for both video photography and still shots and is shaped as small as a ping-pong ball. It also comes with a magnetic stand that is great for perfect angling. The motion ball however, is smaller in size and detects movement within 10 meters. Archos’ weather tag has temperature and humidity sensors and is waterproof for outdoor fun.

    The suite uses Bluetooth for communication and according to the company, batteries last up to one year before consumers need to replace them. The starting pack which includes two cameras, two movement tags, two motion balls, two weather tags, and a tablet goes for $249.99 directly from the manufacturer. Archos’ has stated that more connected objects will be released sometime this Fall and Summer.

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