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    During this month’s Apple WWDC, MLB.com At Bat was introduced in USA Today’s demo of CarPlay. Today, Apple updated the microsite so that the baseball-dedicated app could be included to the list of apps that support the feature. Audio streaming from baseball games for MLB.com At Bat subscribers is expected to be supported on the app. The MLB At Bat app was the first to join the CarPlay compatible apps when announced earlier in the year, whereas major apps like Pandora Radio and Google Maps have yet to join.

    MLB At Play joins Apple’s very own CarPlay apps which include Music, Messages, Phone, and more, as well as third party supported apps like Spotify, iHeartRadio, and others. Automobiles announced this year that will incorporate CarPlay include Honda, Hyundai, Ferrari , and Mercedes-Benz. Both Alpine and Pioneer have also promised to ship CarPlay solutions in aftermarket in-dash displays with Pioneer agreeing to have a firmware update soon.

    MLB.com At Bat can be downloaded from the App Store and has a $19.99 annual subscription fee in order for the full content to be unlocked. However, it is still unclear if CarPlay is supported in the current version yet.

    Source: Apple
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    "In other news, using MLB At Bat while driving was instantly banned in all 50 states."
    2014-06-25 03:36 PM