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    On Tuesday, Apple updated its online iWork for iCloud software suite, which is available to all who have an iCloud account. The user just goes to the iCloud Web site and signs in with their iCloud Account information (usually the Apple ID), and they are brought to a screen where they can access numerous different Web applications, including Keynote, Number and Pages.

    Tuesday's update adds some new features to the online software suite, including having Keynote, Numbers, and Pages each remember what document you had open last and the settings you had for that document, including zoom level, show/hide guides, and more depending on what kind of document you're working in.

    The Loop also informs that iWork for iCloud has been given a new feature to give you tips on keyboard shortcuts, as well as improvements to document sharing, among other improvements.

    iWork for iCloud was originally unveiled in June of last year, and has slowly been coming out of beta since then. The Web apps received a visual overhaul to make the interfaces look more like iOS 7 since the original unveiling.

    iWork for iCloud is useful because it's cross-platform and can be accessed from any Web browser, unlike the Mac OS X-only and iOS-only versions of the applications that are only available in the Mac App Store and App Store and are proprietary to the Mac and iOS devices only. With that being said, even Windows and/or Linux users can take advantage of iWork for iCloud.

    You can check out all of the latest features at the iWork for iCloud Web site via this link.

    Sources: The Loop
    2014-06-25 02:26 AM
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    I just can't find "Pages" and "Numbers" to be as useful as Google Docs in Google Drive. iCloud's webpage does look better though.
    2014-06-25 04:35 AM
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    So iWork for iCloud is free for everyone now?....Hadn't heard that....

    Since when is iWork for iCloud free for everyone?
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    2014-06-25 02:33 PM