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    Google recently previewed Android TV, a new platform for connection of set-top boxes and television. The new platform streams videos and audio along with custom games and apps. A lot of Android TV’s functions are similar to the Apple TV and set-top boxes like Roku and Amazon. Netflix and Hulu can be streamed using Android TV and Google is making the Play Store available so developers can create apps with TV-centric user interfaces.

    Gaming is another support Android TV has, as the search giant company shows off a multiplayer NBA Jam session with one player on the Samsung tablet and another on the Android TV. The user interface on Android TV is fairly easy to use, however, Google makes the home screen an interesting ‘overlay’ view. Any open content will be seen at the top of the ‘still-playing’ panel, instead of just closing the content.

    Google will not be making their own hardware for the Android TV, in attempt to keep up with their platform-focused strategy. Instead, the company has partnered up with television makers Philips, Sony, and Sharp who will be shipping the sets in 2015. Set-top boxes, television sets, and low powered game consoles will be manufactured based on the software.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal

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    2014-06-25 11:23 PM
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    The hardware & software at Google I/O is amazing. I was truly impressed, apples was ok and nothing special. Im Still going to hold off to see the iwatch tho but im really tempted to just sell up my apple goods now.
    2014-06-26 01:06 AM