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    Similar to Apple, Samsung, and Google, Microsoft has also been working on a wrist-worn device for over a year. Previous reports stated that Microsoft’s watch would have a 1.5-inch display, however recent reports by Windows blogger, Paul Thurrott, say it is more like a fitness band as opposed to a smart watch. If this is the case, it will be more like the Samsung Gear Fit than the Galaxy Gear. Microsoft’s wrist-wearing device has been reported to be able to display smart phone-based notifications. Fitness metrics like heart rate, calories burned, and more are expected to be included in the band (just like Apple’s rumored iWatch and Samsung watch devices).

    Reports say that Microsoft is working on a smart wristband that can be used across platforms, unlike Apple, Samsung, and Google, who make their devices exclusive to that company’s platform only. It is not only supposed to work with Windows devices, but Android and iOS as well. It is judged as a smart move on behalf of Microsoft, since it has a minimal share of the tablet and smartphone market.

    From a differentiation standpoint, Microsoft's wearable will do something that no other wearable platform does. It will work with everything and not just the device maker's smart phone platform. Where Samsung wearables only work with Samsung phones, Android Wear devices only work with modern Android devices, and Apple's rumored iWatch will obviously only work with iPhone, Microsoft will take a different approach. It will work with Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.
    Thurrott stated that the wrist-wearing device will be similar in pricing to Samsung’s smart watch, starting at $199. It is also expected to release sometime during 2014’s fourth quarter. Rumors are going around saying the iWatch will be launched in October, around the same time Microsoft may release its wearable device. Pricing for the iWatch has not yet been reported, just as we know how Apple products are kept a mystery until official public launch.

    Source: Paul Thurrott via winsupersite

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    2014-07-03 08:33 AM