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    Apple recently sent out letters to developers testing the iOS 8 beta and OS X 10.10 Yosemite Preview, notifying them of an upcoming server-side wipe of all CloudKit databases scheduled for July 7. According to the letter, Apple will be wiping both public and private iCloud data connected to the current iOS 8 and Yosemite beta builds, with features affected including iCloud Drive, iCloud Photo Library and Mail Drop attachments.

    As noted by the Cupertino California company, photos and videos stored in the new iCloud Photo Library feature will be wiped from the servers but data will remain on iOS 8 devices. After the process is complete, content will be automatically uploaded back to the Photo Library.

    Developers must manually re-enable the feature from Apple’s Setup Assistant with iCloud Drive documents, though documents stored in the cloud service will again be automatically uploaded once services are restored. Last but not least, email attachments sent through the forthcoming Mail Drop feature will expire, meaning users will need to resend those messages. With Mail Drop, Apple bypasses the usual email attachment data limit by uploading files up to 5 GB in size to iCloud and including a link to download within the message’s text.

    When Apple launches its upcoming mobile and desktop operating systems this fall, both will be coming with deeply integrates iCloud features like the Dropbox-style storage in iCloud Drive and improved content sharing services like iCloud Photo Library.

    Are any of you excited of what’s to come?

    Source: Apple via AppleInsider

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    2014-07-05 04:47 AM