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    Summer seems to have just started, but T-Mobile has already started preparing for back-to-school season. The folks over at T-Mobile will be making accessories as part of their Equipment Installment Program. For those who arenít sure what that means, accessories at T-Mobile priced anywhere from $69 to $250 can get paid off using a monthly payment plan. This will allow customers who would like to purchase headphones or speakers to pay off the accessory in a 24-month period, without even having to pay a down payment.

    Some may say that purchasing accessories on a payment plan sounds ridiculous. But for those who just purchased a brand new device and would like to also purchase nice speakers or headphones, this plan may go a long way for them. It also helps those who are shopping on a budget and can only purchase an item a month. The companyís EIP for accessories wonít begin until July 20th. So for those who are interested and already have something in mind they have been eyeing, you are only a few days away from bringing that baby home.

    Source: T-Mobile

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    2014-07-16 10:52 PM